Tracked: Several Pro Kamto Activists On The Run.

Wanted for having taken part in the prohibited march of September 22nd,2020 organized by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement(CRM) throughout the national territory to demand the departure of President Paul Biya and the end of the war in the NoSo, they fled the country to escape from the clutches of the police.

Nearly a dozen supporters of Maurice Kamto and CRM activists are on the run tracked by the police, they fled the country to escape being jailed by the regime in power, after taking part in the prohibited march of September 22nd,2020 instigated across the country by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, the  major opposition political party in Cameroon at the moment, to request the departure of President Paul Biya (39 years at the helm of the State).After the manifestations several activists of this opposition party (around 150) were imprisoned in the police and gendarmerie cells before being transferred to the prisons of Douala and Yaoundé.

“This was expected given the determination of the government in place to wipe out any sign of insurrection or the desire of certain politicians to go against the instructions of the administrative authorities who had already banned these demonstrations. It was an underestimation of the determination of the regime in power’’observed Henry Etouman, analyst of the Cameroonian political scene.

Protesters Of The Regime

Other more prudent demonstrators were able to escape these arrests in extremis by subtly withdrawing from the ranks to vamoose into thin air.

Roland Pierre Kendem being tortured in a police station

“When we saw the resources deployed by law enforcement officials with anti-riot tanks and trucks, we knew it was not a trivial issue. We discreetly withdraw from the ranks and disappeared into the neighborhoods, ”says Alphonse Tondjeu, one of the protesters who fled. This same story was heard of from a dozen other protesters of the regime who took part in these march, who preferred going on exile rather than risking arrest.

Infact, these fugitives, including Roland Pierre Kendem, who is a recidivist of the first protest march dubbed the » White March » of January 26th,2019 was arrested and released. Tortured and subjected to all kinds of humiliation during their detention, they had received threats from their persecutors to go through worst in case they are rearrested. Hence the reason why they chose to fled the country.

« When we saw some people just passing by being picked up or others arrested from the neighborhoods many days after the march by the police, we knew we were in danger, » explains Roland Pierre Kendem, Real Estate Agent in Douala.

Imagining their life to be in danger because they had already been profiled by the police, they chose to fled to exile. Above all, so as not to subjected to same fate of Dr Alain Fogue, Olivier Bibou Nissack, respectively treasurer, spokesperson and adviser to President Maurice Kamto, as well as other activists of this party in the prisons of Douala and Yaounde. But for how long ? No one knows as long as the regime is still in power.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Written by Felix EPEE

                                                                                                                                                                                               Transleted by  G. Fossing EBONGUE

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